Garlic Stuffed Prime Rib with Au Jus

So you want to make your friends and family drool uncontrollably? Well posting pictures of this bad boy will definitely accomplish that (and probably self-invitations over to your place for dinner).  Prime rib roast is one of my favourite things to make, mainly because it makes you look like a master chef when in reality, all you did was watch the first half of the game while your oven did all the work.  It’s a little more complicated than that but just a tad.  I am going to show you how I make my prime rib roast; simple and delicious.  As always, skip to the end for ingredients and step-by-step.

We of course start off with a beautifully cut piece of prime rib (bone in) from the butcher of your choice.  This one is roughly 1.5kg (approx. 3.3 lbs.).  I personally like the smaller cuts because it more manageable (when preparing and cutting).  This size can feed roughly 4-6 people depending on appetite and how much other food you are serving (I just serve this and call it a day).

I like to stuff my roasts with garlic.  You can skip this step if you are not a garlic fan; I have done this with and without the garlic before, either way, it taste amazing.  If you are going to do the garlic, simply cut the garlic into slivers or thin slices.  It is really up to you how much garlic you want. I usually use around 6-7 cloves.

This is a good time to pre heat your oven to 450oF. Now take a sharp knife and cut little slits into the meat and stuff the garlic slivers inside.  You can either cut really deep slits and stuff the garlic deep into the meat or have shallow slits but do both sides. (my knife is wide so I don’t want to cut giant holes in the meat, if you have a skinny knife, by all means, dig to the center)

Now place the roast on a rack inside a roasting pan.  I like the rack because it allows the fat and drippings to fall into the pan which can be used for the au jus.  I season the roast inside the roasting pan to let some of the access fall into the pan, which flavors the sauce if you end up making one.  I used Schwartz Montreal steak spice, which my sister got for me in Montreal.  You probably do not have this, but any steak spice rub would work. I have done this with just salt and pepper before.  If you want you can make your own spice rub with salt, pepper, dehydrated onion, dehydrated garlic (you can use powdered garlic and onion instead), and mustard seed. It is really up to you

Season your roast evenly and generously, you should see seasoning touching most part of the meat.  These roasts are big so you need to season well to have the flavours penetrate into the meat.

Place the roasting pan in the oven uncovered.  Roast at  450oF for 15-20 minutes.  After 15-20 minutes, without opening the oven door to peek, turn the temperature down to 250oF and let roast for another 1½ hrs for medium – medium rare.  With a bigger roast of 6-7 lbs, do the same process but wait 2½ hrs after turning it down to 250.  When it is done, remove from the oven and cover with tin foil for 15 minutes before cutting or you will lose the juices from the meat

And for the fun part.  Cut into slices and serve.  This is a little on the medium – medium well side.  I was a little paranoid and left it in the oven for a while longer after the time was up.  I’m normally a med-rare kinda guy.

Sorry I didn’t take pictures of the au jus process but its very simple.  For the au jus, I just put the roasting pan on the stove top, heated it up and poured some red wine to deglaze it.  With a wooden spoon, scrape the bits stuck to the bottom and allow it to reduce.  You can also pour beef stock to give you a little more sauce.  I will explain the ratios below.

You can just grab the bone and bite into it if you really want.  I won’t judge. For me I poured myself a glass of red wine and served the meat over spinach (gotta get me some veggies)


Serves about 4-6 people

1 Prime Rib Roast 1.5kg or 3.3lbs.

6-7 garlic cloves (more if you so desire)

Schwartz Montreal Steak Spice (or spice rub of your choice) [If you do not have spice rub you can just use salt and pepper (if you so desire, add dehydrated garlic and dehydrated onion – different from powders but powdered onion and garlic would work too if you cannot find dehydrated; freshly chopped garlic would also work.  I would put mustard seed as well but not a must.] – ask me about this if you have questions, I will gladly answer =)

 For the Au Jus: Not absolutely necessary but highly recommended

1 cup of red wine of your choice  – don’t use a red wine you wouldn’t drink

2 cups of beef stock (optional) – if you are going to mix beef stock into the au jus, use 2:1 ratio to your red wine, so in this case 2 cups of beef stock to 1 cup of red wine


  1. Pre-Heat oven at 450oF
  2. Cut the 6-7 cloves of garlic in thin slices or slivers
  3. Wash the rib roast and pat dry with paper towel.  Make sure it is dry before cooking or you won’t get that beautiful sear on the outside.
  4.  With a sharp knife cut slits into the meat – about an inch deep or deeper if your knife is thin enough not to cut massive holes in the meat
  5. Stuff garlic slivers in the holes
  6.  Place the rib on a rack inside a roasting pan and season with spice rub.  Don’t be afraid to use your hands to spread the rub evenly.  If seasoning/rub drops into the pan, don’t worry about it.  That will help season your au jus later on.
  7. Place the roasting pan in you 450oF oven (with rib roast inside, do not forget and roast an empty pan) for 15 minutes
  8.  Without opening the oven door to peek or smell what is cooking inside, turn the oven heat down to 250oF and wait for another 1½ hrs for medium – medium rare doneness
  9.  When done, cover for 15 minutes before serving to let the juices settle down.
  10.  Cut and feast

Au Jus Directions: if you decide to do the au jus, here are the directions

  1. Remove the rib roast from the roasting pan and place pan on the stovetop.
  2. Over medium-high heat, add the red wine to the drippings in your pan and deglaze the pan (scrape off everything stuck to the bottom of the pan with a wooden spatula)
  3. Add in the beef stock if you decide to use it.
  4. Continue stirring until the liquid reduces about half
  5. Pour over sliced meat

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    • Thanks! right! that’s exactly why I paired it with leaves…..(can’t say that I knew that bit of info before you =P *writes down in notepad*) glad you enjoyed it =)

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