Marmalade Toast with Sunny Side up Egg, Avocado and Cheesy Mushrooms

Hello everyone, all the posts I’ve done to begin this blog were all dinner recipes.  I’m going to change it up a little bit today and add some breakfast ideas.  Who doesn’t like a nice breakfast with an oozing sunny side up egg?.  Because breakfasts are usually quick and easy, I will post 2 recipes today.  Both will be very simple and quick with lots of variations and possible changes you can make.  Most of us like to skip breakfast because well.. usually because cereal is the only item on the menu.  That and the time thing.  Well these will take a little more time than cereal,  but totally worth it.  They’re great for the weekends or if you get up early with a little extra time to spare before work, or school or whatever it is that you do in the mornings.  As always skip to the end for ingredients and step by step directions.  Feel free to ask me any questions about possible combinations, how to make things you see in these pictures that I didn’t explain like poaching an egg or the spinach potato hash, etc.

I don’t have all the pictures of the steps in between, but this is so easy, you won’t even need it!


 Start by toasting 2 slices of bread of your choice in the toaster.  For smaller appetites, you can use 1 slice of bread only.  Spread some jam of your choice on the bread; I used marmalade (I absolutely love marmalade).  You can skip the jam but the sweetness that comes out of the jam when paired with everything else is so good.


After you spread the jam, add 2 slices of mortadella (I like mortadella, its a pork cured cold cut.  I like the flavor of it, you can use any ham/cold cut of your choice) onto the bread.  If you chose to use 1 slice of bread, use 1 slice of ham.

For this particular one, start by grabbing a handful of button mushrooms.  Clean them and chop them up into slices.  Saute them in a pan with salt and pepper.  When cooked, top with cheese of your choice.  I used a tex mex mix of monterey jack and cheddar. Just mix it around and the cheese will melt nicely with the mushroom.

Set mushrooms aside and clean the current pan and fry  2 egg on it.  You can of course use a new pan if you want.  Also if you are confident enough you can cook the eggs on another burner while you cook the mushrooms.  This isn’t necessary and creates more things to wash later.


While your eggs are cooking, cut an avocado in half and scoop one side out.  Cut into 4 different piece.  You can always skip the avocado, but I love avocados and put it on almost everything.

When the eggs are done, just top the toast and ham with the eggs, pour the mushroom mixture and 2 pieces of avocado


“Excuse me, but your egg is showing!”

Like I said in the beginning of the post, this can be done in many different ways.  You can use any ham/cold cut of your choice.  You can cook the eggs any way you want.  You can skin the mushrooms or the avocados.  You can have mushrooms and no avocados, or avocados and no mushrooms (you get the point.


This was when I made it without mushrooms and topped it with a little Parmesan shavings.  I also used a bagel split in half instead of the usual square bread slice


Here’s me trying trying to get rid of a lot leftovers.  Few days before I Mexican food for dinner and had guac leftover  and the day before I made pancakes and had some leftover.  I put eggs on pancakes with some prosciutto and guacamole


This was me choosing the poach my eggs instead.  The bottom picture I didn’t have ham or cold cuts but had a side of spinach potato hash.

As you can see, I love having this for breakfast and I love me some running yolk.  Different pairings, different combinations, cheese, no cheese, avocados or not.  Egg cooked to your liking.  It doesn’t matter, there is no right answer to this one.  One thing I do recommend though, is marmalade, it reallllly helps.  That sweetness coming in with the saltiness of the eggs and/or cold cut with that creamy avocado mm mm mm mm mm.

Again, if you have any questions about possible combinations or things you see in the pictures such as poaching an egg, or about the spinach potato hash.  How to cut an avocado etc.  Feel free to ask me

Because there can be so many combinations  the following ingredients and directions are just for the one I made for this post if you want to follow exactly.  Feel free to play around with it and pair it with whatever you like.


2 slices of whole grain bread (1 for smaller appetites)

2 slices of mortadella (can use any ham/cold cut)

Marmalade jam (can use your favorite jam or spread)

2 eggs (1 egg for smaller appetites)

Handful of button mushrooms

Tex Mex monterey jack and cheddar cheese

Salt and pepper


1. Toast bread in toaster and spread with marmalade

2. clean and chop mushroom into slices

3. cook mushrooms in pan; a bit of salt and pepper to taste and top with cheese.  Set aside or use 2 different pans at the same time if you are confident enough

4. Either with the same pan, or with a new one, fry 2 eggs.  Salt and pepper to taste

5. When eggs are done, top toast with eggs, pour mushrooms over eggs

6. Cut an avocado in half, scoop one side out and cut into 4 slices and put it on top of your assembled breakfast.


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