Kale Shake

Here is a short post.  Feeling super lazy today, and the recipes I’m currently working on are long.  So here is the kale shake I drink in the mornings.  Sometimes I drink it in the afternoons, but having one in the morning really helps get the day going.  It doesn’t look very appealing because its green, but it actually tastes pretty good. If you follow me on instagram, you might have seen this kale shake make a few appearances.  This makes quite a bit, around 3 cups.  You can share between 2-3 people.  I just chug it all myself, makes me feel healthy haha.  When I do this in the mornings, I lighten my breakfast so I don’t feel too full.  If you just drink part of it, its okay to have your usual breakfast.

20121121_114301I rip off around 3-4 stalks of kale (with the stems).  3 if they leaves are really big and 4 if they’re a bit smaller.  I add an apple or pear, I like it with pear better, but I only had apples that day.  1 banana and a little bit of ginger.  I really like how the ginger adds a little kick in the background; you can skip this if you don’t like ginger.  For the liquid, I use almond milk which I always have on hand.  Almond milk can actually last quite a while in the fridge.  I buy this true almond brand.  Unfortunately this is the unsweetened one, which makes the whole thing taste less good.  I usually go for the original which isn’t super sweet but definitely helps.  The original is 60 calories per cup while the unsweetened is 30 (if you want to keep track).  I have also put a small spoonful of extra virgin coconut oil in; I didn’t for this specific day though.



Well if you have a good blender, this should be no problem.  If you have a Vitamix, I don’t even think you need liquid haha.  But for people like me who can’t afford 800 blenders, you might have to do a little bit of chopping.  Just wash the kale and chop into manageable chunks for your blender.  Same goes for the apple/pear.  The banana is fine but breaking it up into a few sections wouldn’t hurt.  I put about a cup of almond milk, and maybe a splash more if it looks a little too thick.  You can see here even after pouring a cup, there is still quite a bit left in the blender.  You don’t have to drink it all.  If you have any questions feel free to ask me.  Enjoy!


3-4 Stalks of Kale with stems

1 Apple or Pear

1 Banana

1 cup (maybe a bit more) of Almond Milk

A little chunk of ginger (optional)

Small spoonful of  extra virgin coconut oil


1. Wash and cut Kale into manageable chunks for your blender

2. Wash and cut apple or pear

3. Pour almond milk into blender, add kale

4. slowly add everything else being careful not to overload the blender.  If you have a good blender, you can probably put everything in at the same time.


10 responses to “Kale Shake

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  2. What’s your Instagram name? Mine is “Yahobahne.” I would love to see more recipes. The kale shake is what I’m going to make soon. Thank you for sharing.

    • Cool! Kale shake is awesome, might turn some people off because of the green-ness but because of the apple/pear and banana (or whatever fruit you decide to throw in) its quite sweet and tasty. Imagine sitting down and eating all that healthiness, right? Thank you so much for stopping by, glad you enjoy!
      my Instagram is caseyl18

      • Hi sir Casey, I tried the Kale but as a juice, not shake. I picked the juice ingredients off of FB.
        Anyway please tell me what, if at all, do you use as a base liquid. For the kale juice, I used coconut juice. But I felt that if I didn’t use the coconut juice the consistency would’ve been different—much thicker. 😝 Thank you sir. 😊

      • Hey! Good to see you have tried the kale thing. I use almond milk as the base liquid. I’m able to find it in almost all supermarkets. Its the Silk brand. I totally understand what you mean by its a thicker consistency without the juice. Sometimes even when I use a little less almond milk, it gets really thick. I also know with certain machines (usually the really expensive ones like a vitamix) they can blend kale and other vegetables into a pretty liquefied form without too much extra liquid, but I can’t afford those haha.

      • Hi CaseofM, thanks. Just now I used what we had in the refrigerator. My shake consisted of baby kale, 1/2 fresh lemon juice, 1 green apple, fresh ginger, and the base was vanilla silk milk.
        Guess what?! It was DaBomb! My son tasted it and gave it a thumbs up! I’ve mine in the freezer now—getting a lil chilled. 😊
        I will be experimenting more. I prefer the milk over coconut juice. It’s def a shake. Oh btw, I used a tab bit of honey ’cause I wanted it to be a lil sweeter.
        Thank you so much. I’m turned on now. Ummm ummm!!😋

      • Thats great! The stuff I put in my shake is just a general guideline and also because I’m lazy and the first few times i’ve done it, i used those ingredients. Technically speaking you can use any fruits/vegetables you want, sometimes I add in blueberries which works really well too. I also learnt that fruits that grow during the same seasons generally taste well together =). experiment with what you like, add honey like you did for a little extra sweetness. I sometimes add a little bit of coconut oil – its so fragrant and a little goes a long way, I’m still using the almond milk but with a little coconut oil, you get a nice hint of coconut without having the whole thing taste like coconut.

      • Wow! You are my *healthy shake* inspiration. Hopefully I’ll be able to lose sum’f deez pounds too AHA! Thanks a lot. 😊

      • I know, that’s why it’ll just be a natural weight loss. In addition, I will begin walking again because that’s what I like to do most in terms of excercising. Only, I need to be consist.
        Nonetheless, come and visit me—my blog sometimes. Make yourself at home. Take care sir Casey and enjoy your day. 😊

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