Fettuccine with Tomato Basil Meat Sauce

I’m pretty excited for this one.  This is going to be my first pasta post since I started this blog!  I love pasta and most people I know do too.  I’m sure most of you love pasta as well.  This one was so quick and easy, but yet so good.  If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen this already.  If you don’t, I’m caseyl18 on IG and you can get previews of whats to come up on the blog.  I usually post pictures when I make it, but don’t really post the recipes until a few days later.  I’ve been seeing a lot of people on my IG who were eating pasta and I was beginning to crave some myself.  I decided to go with some Fettuccine and a tomato basil sauce, which didn’t disappoint.  As usual, feel free to ask me any questions and skip to the end for ingredients list and step by step directions.  Here we go!


I used ground beef and ground pork for the Ikea meatballs I made for the last post.  I had a little bit left over and when I looked around the fridge, I decided to use a combination of both beef and pork to make the meat sauce for pasta.  I only recently started buying smoked cheeses.  I saw it once at wholefoods and thought to try it. It was really good, and I started buying smoked cheeses from then on.  For this particular dish, I just sprinkled a little bit of smoked mozzarella on top.  It adds a nice smoky flavor.  Its not necessary, but I had it so why not use it.  You don’t have to purposely go out and buy it if you don’t have it.


I just had about 1/4 lb or so of beef left over from the meatballs, so I used 1/4 lb of ground beef and 1/4 of  ground pork.


I used 1 stalk of celery.  I like to use a little celery in my sauces.  You don’t have to, and I don’t always, but for this particular day I did.  Just finely chop up the celery along with 1 medium onion.


After chopping, saute both the celery and the onions in a saucepan with 4-6 cloves of finely chopped garlic.  Season with salt and pepper.  Cook them until the celery has broken down, and is soft.  The onions should be translucent.  No one wants chunks of celery in the sauce.  When onions and celery are cooked down.  Add the meat and cook until beef and pork are no longer pink.



When the meat is cooked, add two cups of tomato sauce.  I chose a tomato basil sauce, you can use any sauce you like or just straight crushed tomatoes.



Even though I used a tomato basil sauce, I like to add more basil.  Basil is actually one of my favorite herbs.  To chop basil, just roll the leaves up and chop and you will get strips like this.  This is around 4-6 basil leaves.  Chop 1-2 more leaves for garnishing later.


Boil a pot of water for cooking the pasta.  Don’t forget to salt the water.   I bought Ziggy’s fresh fettuccine.  It says ready in 4 minutes.  That seems about right.  Fresh pasta cooks a lot faster than dried pasta but you will not get the al dente (the little bite) dried pasta can provide.  Use which ever you like and follow the instructions on the package.


When the pasta is ready, strain the water and with tongs, get some pasta onto a plate.  I like to get fancy and do a little twist.  Then pour some of the sauce over the pasta and sprinkle some of the fresh basil leaves you chopped earlier over the top.


I had some smoked mozzarella so I just chopped a little bit up and melted it on top (too lazy to pull out the cheese grater)


You can pair it with whatever side you want.  I went with some spinach


It seemed like I was missing some colour on the spinach so I chopped up some spicy sausage I had and just cooked them on the stove top and put them on top of the spinach.  Of course you can skip all these steps, and pair your pasta with any side you want.  Or just have more pasta. Enjoy!


1/4 lbs lean ground beef

1/4 lbs lean ground pork

2 small white onions

1 celery stalk

4-6 leaves of basil (including garnish)

4-6 cloves of finely chopped garlic

2 cups of tomato sauce (I used a tomato Basil sauce)

Salt and pepper to taste

Spinach (optional)

Smoked mozzarella cheese (optional)

Spicy sausage (optional)


1. Chop onions, celery, garlic, and basil

2. Cook onions, celery and garlic in pan until celery and garlic has broken down

3. Add ground pork and beef into the pan of onions and celery.  Cook until no longer pink

4. When meat is cooked add 2 cups of tomato sauce.  Stir well with meat mixture.  Also mix in most of the basil (leave some for garnish) Turn heat down and let simmer

5. While sauce simmers.  Bring a pot of water to a boil.  Salt the water.

6.  Cook pasta according to package instructions or to done-ness of your liking.

7. With tongs, get some pasta on a plate, and top with sauce.  Sprinkle some extra basil on top.  And if you choose to, sprinkle smoked mozzarella cheese or any cheese of your liking.

8.  (optional) If you choose to go with the same side as me, just put a bed of spinach down.  Cook some spicy sausage on the stove and put it on top of the spinach.


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