Spicy Mussels Cooked in White Wine

This was a great day!  Had an all seafood meal that day, yum right?!  I had a seafood chowder, garlic butter shrimp and lobster and these spicy mussels cooked in white wine.  I’ve done this with rum before.  The rum has a much greater alcohol flavor compared to the wine so it might not be for everybody.  I like me some alcohol.  I’m going to keep this intro short, seems like I’ve been typing essay intros lately.  Let’s get started


I started by chopping 1 tomato into cubes.  I know, tough stuff right? Hope this step isn’t too challenging =P

DSC09364I then chopped some parsley.  I don’t know exactly how much it was, I don’t think it matters, its all personal preference.  This should be roughly 1/4 cup? Again, this is a tough step


I chopped 1 small onion and cooked it down in a pan with some oil and margarine.  Those little brown bits were from the shrimp and scallop i cooked on this pan earlier.  I left it here to get some of the flavor, didn’t want to just wash it off.  Clearly if you’re making this, you would probably have a clean pan, don’t feel the need to cook something on it before hand, but you could if you want to =P.  When the onions and cooked down, just pour some white wine in.  I don’t know how much wine this is, I just poured the remainder of the bottle I had opened.


I had about 2 lbs of P.E.I mussels, I soaked them in cold water, apparently it helps get rid of the sand, I never tried not soaking so I don’t know if it really works or not.  Next I debearded the mussels (getting rid of that seaweed looking thing) and washed with a scrub to get rid of any sand I might have missed.  Sorry I don’t have any picture of the mussels before I cooked them.  If you have any questions on cleaning or taking of the beard, please ask me.   Discard any mussels that are opened and will not close for they are probably dead.  Once cleaned, throw them in the pan with the onions and white wine.  Mussels cook very easily, you don’t want to overcook them or they will become rubbery.  Add the tomatoes, about 3/4 of the parsley (save the rest for garnish after) and some red pepper flakes (amount varies depending on how spicy you like it).  Stir or toss the mussels to get some of the wine in them.  Discard any mussels that don’t open.


When done, just pour them out onto the plate/bowl you want to serve them in.  Grate some smoked cheddar over the top (optional) and sprinkle the remaining parsley over the top.  The smoked cheddar adds a nice smokey flavor (surprise, surprise) kind of like bacon; its a nice touch, but not absolutely necessary.  I haven’t done it with regular cheddar before, but i can’t see how it would ruin the dish.  Enjoy!

I know my last few posts don’t have many measurements on them.  I’m trying to emphasize you don’t need to follow me step for step, its all about personal preference.


2 lbs P.E.I mussels

1 tomato, diced

1/4 cup of parsley, chopped

1 Small onion, diced

Red pepper flakes, amount varies depending on how spicy you like it

White wine

Smoked Cheddar (optional)

Salt and Pepper to taste


1. Soak mussels in cold water

2. Dice tomato, chop parsley, and onion

3. Clean and debeard mussels

4. Cook onions in pan.  When onions are cooked down add white wine

5. Add mussels, tomatoes, 3/4 of the parsley and red pepper flakes.  Mix well.

6. Top with smoked cheddar and remaining parsley


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