Christmas Dinner Sneak Peak

Hello, blog family! I have some down time before adding finishing touches to some of the food for tonight’s Christmas eve dinner.  I decided to give you a little sneak peak of what’s to come.  I don’t have time to give all the detailed instructions but most of these recipes will be up eventually.  Hope you all enjoy.  I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays and may everyone’s wishes come true.   This should be a time of love and creating memories; even if its that annoying relative you have.  Let this be a time for tolerance, kindness and being thankful.  Let this be the time we choose to give more than we receive.  Let this be the time we  leave an extra plate of cookies for santa.  Merry Christmas everyone!


Lasagna ready to go!


Pasta Salad!


Pesto and Sundried Tomato Stuffed Portebello Mushrooms!

I also have a smoked salmon and guacamole on toasted baguette, and a turkey, but sorry no pictures. Maybe later! =) again merry Christmas/happy holidays, everyone!


5 responses to “Christmas Dinner Sneak Peak

    • Thanks! You should, its def a crowd pleaser and yet so simple. I can give you more details on how to make this if you want. I’m sure you can manage fine without me though =P. Happy Holidays!

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