Christmas Dinner Sneak Peak Part 2

So some of you may remember my Christmas eve sneak peak.  Well here is sneak peak part 2 so to speak.  I spent Christmas eve with family.  I made a few dishes and it was great to see everyone.  On the 28th, I had my friends over; It was a little more personal because I was literally in charge of all the food that would be eaten that night.  There were some duplicates like the stuffed mushrooms, turkey, pasta salad, and lasagna; so some of these you might have seen in the Christmas Eve sneak peak post.  Eventually, recipes for these will be up. Hope you all enjoy!


Here is my famous pesto, sundried tomato, and cream cheese stuffed portebello mushrooms.  This is one of my go tos.  Its definitely a crowd pleaser


Turkey! Do I need to say more?  I did have the bird in a brine over night to keep it nice a moist and just sprinkled it with some poultry seasoning.  Not as brown as a regular turkey would be because I do cook my turkey with a lid on, (O M G, right? I can sense the gasps already) it cuts cooking time by almost half and I feel it keeps the meat (even the breast) moist.  Don’t hate!


For appetizers, I toasted some baguettes, spread some herbed cream cheese (I used laughing cow, haha) and then topped it with chopped smoked salmon and homemade guacamole.  My sister, Cat helped with the presentations; she put the guac in a sandwich bag, cut a hole in the corner and piped the guac on top.  I sometimes scramble some eggs and have smoked salmon and guac for breakfast.  This is great for Christmas dinners, I absolutely love the red and the green; perfect.



Shepherd’s Pie.  One of my favs, so easy to make but so so good!  Bottom pic is how the filling looks without the layer of mashed potatoes.


Mayonnaise, carrots, onions and cheese baked mussels.  Always need at least 2 trays of this stuff, they go quick! This is actually a recipe my mom showed me a few years back.  I don’t know where she got it from but I’m pretty sure she did not make it up because she isn’t too creative in the kitchen (shh, don’t tell her I said that)

IMG_4483Pasta Salad.


Pot of  hot chili.  Absolutely love chili


Lasagna. Mmm, I love lasagna.  I used my Italian sausage meatballs I made ahead of time, some seared zucchini and a spinach ricotta mixture to fill the layers.  How good does that sound?


Baked ham! First time I’ve done this and it tasted great!  Stole Paula Deen’s idea by glazing it with mustard and orange marmalade; Its almost like a honey mustard.  This is a already smoked ham so the cooking was pretty much to get a brown crust on the outside and to heat it all the way through, not to cook it.


This is another first for me.  I saw this idea recently and decided I’m going to make my version of it.  Its pretty much spaghetti dressed like a pizza.  Cooked the pasta in tomato sauce with mushrooms and pepperoni.  I left some pepperoni and mushrooms for the top so it looks like a pizza.


Make your own tacos!  It took a while for people to do this because I have lazy friends and no one wanted to “make” anything.  I feel bad for lazy people because this was SO good.  On one side, I have a home made Mexican chorizo that I learnt from Food Network’s Chuck’s week off in Mexico.  On the other side I have some beef I cooked with onions, cumin, chili powder and oregano.  Sides of homemade guac and salsa.  I also had a white sauce I made with greek yogurt, mayonnaise, cayenne, cilantro and lemon juice (almost like a light sour cream, but must better).  I had a buddy who wrapped the baked ham and chili in a tortilla; he made it sound so good.  By the time I got to trying it, the chili ran out =(.  But you see, there is a lot of different ways to make the tacos.

Well I hoped you all enjoyed this post.  I definitely enjoyed writing it.  I hope by now you ALL have a case of the munchies.  Like I said before, I will have detailed recipes and instructions for these dishes soon.  I gotta be up in about 6 hours but I really wanted to finish this post for you guys especially since I’ve been away from the blog for so long.  Until next time.

Happy New Year, everyone!


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