Eating Toronto Introduction


I’ve been thinking of adding a new section to the blog.  Its going to be called Eating Toronto.  Its pretty much going to be me eating around Toronto and the GTA.  I’m going to be doing this with my sister, Cat.  As you can see, from a young age, we knew where to find the good stuff, haha!  For those of you around the Toronto area, feel free to shoot suggestions at me, I love to try new things and would love to go to places you love.


Just look at her.  Lady CN teasing by hiding behind some fog.  Stop showing off, we know you’re beautiful!

Sometimes I feel I have to rediscover my city.  I was born and raised in Toronto, and have been living in Markham, suburbs of Toronto for the last 7 years or so.  Sometimes I forget what this city has to offer and often take her beauty for granted.  Paying homage to my city and my love for food, I hope this section does well and you all enjoy reading as much as I will enjoy eating the delicious food =).  The first eating Toronto post should be up soon.  You will all be meeting my Sister, Cat soon (I hope).  She will bring an “O M G This was sooo good!” feel to this section.  Hope to eat with you all soon. Cheers!


3 responses to “Eating Toronto Introduction

  1. I don’t know Canada to well. Though I have been to Victoria. If you start the Eating Toronto…you have to know all of the restaurants there. Either they are big, small places. Even fast food. You have your list. You go to the make the review. About the ambiance of the place, their menu, their service, their prices and of course what you ordered. What it is, what you expected verses the out come, what it really was. Choose a day of the week. Say you choose Friday night. You have the weekend to blog about it. Taking your experience and putting it into words (blogging about it). Don’t forget pictures. Pictures of the outside, inside, 1 or 2 of your plate and maybe one of the server. pictures help the reader also. Then after you have post it on Mondays. It may take awhile, but your readers will not be able to wait for your review to be posted on Monday.

    Yes the Monday posting of Eat Toronto with Casey Lee.
    I am sure you have ideas of how you want to do it. What I wrote is only ideas. But I look forward to Eat Toronto. Even if I don’t live there. 🙂

    Chef Randall

    • Hey Randall,

      Thanks for the tips! I really appreciate you taking the time to write so much to help me out on this. I will defiantly be taking some of your ideas and using them. I had some ideas of how I wanted to do this, and certainly open to new ideas like those you provided. I have been to a few places and taken pictures. Unfortunately I didn’t really think of getting pictures of the servers etc. but that is a really good idea and think I will be doing that for the future. Thanks again for the constant encouragements and incredible ideas.

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