Eating Toronto – El Trompo

So here is my first Eating Toronto post.  I think I will have a lot of fun doing this section; I mean whats not to like, I get to eat at good restaurants and then share it with everyone!  If you know me, you would know I love Mexican food.  I think I mentioned it in the Liebster award post that I love Mexican Food.

20130111_173957The address to El Trompo is 277 Augusta Avenue  Toronto, ON M5T, Canada.  Their phone number is +1 416-260-0097

El Trompo defiantly satisfied my Mexican food cravings.  I’ve been wanting to come here for a while now.  I was going to be downtown that day for a Raptors game so decided to have a pre-game meal with some of my friends.  Its a pretty small joint in the Kensington area (for those of you who lives in the Toronto area) or Spadina and College for major intersection  or just plug address into gps.  I happen to love these “hole in the wall” restaurants.  It gives a nice home/family feel to it which I really enjoy.    It was around 5 o clock when I walked in and it was pretty busy already.  We were luckily able to get a table.  I’m pretty sure when it gets to around dinner times (6-8), this place would be packed.  That should be okay though since the turnovers are pretty fast.  Food comes out fast but hot and fresh.


We started off with the guacamole.  I usually try every restaurants’ guacamole because well, I love guacamole (surprise surprise).  The guac was not completely smooth, which I like, and often times getting little mall chunks of tomato as well.  The balance was on point, not overly sour with the lemon/lime juice.  Fresh, creamy goodness.  If you were wondering, they give an extra plate of chips, not just the 3 pieces you see in this picture.

Next in line was a taco combo.  Normally you will choose your taco of choice for around $9.75 before tax and everything.  Tacos come in 5.  so 10 bucks for 5 tacos, pretty good deal if you ask me.  Add around 2 dollars more and make it a combo.  Basically its a bean soup + tacos of your choice.  We decided to go with the chorizo.

20130111_174857 (1)20130111_175219

I’m normally not a huge fan of beans, let alone bean soup.  But this was pretty good.  A little smoky flavor from the bacon.  Beans cooked til soft, but not overcooked.  Could taste the spices.  It was almost like chili but in soup form so not thick like chili.

The tacos were amazing.  I love chorizo and these tacos did not disappoint at all.  Great flavor, warm tortillas, healthy portion of cilantro/coriander.  The chorizo was  a little bit spicy, super juicy and packed full of flavor.  Finished off with a fresh squeeze of lime juice to add a refreshing little tang.

I shared this combo with a friend.  Split the soup and 2 tacos each.  A third friend took the last taco.  He also ordered the chicken quesadilla which he said was pretty good.  Unfortunately I didn’t get to try the quesadilla.  The third friend was feeling hungry still (I personally was good, not stuffed, but would be okay walking away).  But since he was going to order more, I wouldn’t  say no, right?  End up getting an order of taco al pastor, which me and the friend I shared the combo with took 1 each and the 3 remaining tacos went to the still hungry friend.


These were really good as well.  Personally, I enjoyed the chorizo more, but that’s just a personal preference thing.  The pork was full of flavor and the pineapple adds a very nice refreshing sweetness.

I will defiantly be returning here sometime soon to try some of the other stuff on the menu or just to eat because I love tacos.  So if you’re in the Toronto area, go check El Trompo out!  Hope you all enjoyed the first entry of Eating Toronto!  I really enjoy doing this so if you can let me know whether you like this or not, that would help.  I wish you all like this new section because I really enjoy doing it.

There was a store called blue banana, which sells a bunch of random/cool stuff, right where the restaurant was.  I had to take a picture of this, I thought it was hilarious! Enjoy!



16 responses to “Eating Toronto – El Trompo

  1. You guys in North America are so lucky to have such a diverse food scene! The French are so obsessed with their own food:( This food looks absolutely incredible. I miss Mexican food:(

    • Couldn’t have said it better myself! Good food doesn’t always have to be the fine dinings, the wines, the steaks, or the places I have to suit up for (although very good) but the small places like this are just as important. Seeking out the perfect street hotdog is just as exciting as seeking out the prime rib from a well known restaurant.

      • I’m not sure about Toronto but here in the U.S., food trucks are enjoying a huge comeback. Nice to see the lowly food truck finely get its due. 🙂

      • The food truck scene is growing here. I don’t think its as big as it is in the US but it is getting better than it was couple years back. Fingers crossed this trend continues!

  2. Hole is the wall restaurants are definitely the best! This place sounds awesome, I will definitely have to check it out. You might also like Playa Cabana on Dupont & Davenport, teeny tiny place with killer margaritas!

    • mm that sounds awesome. I’ll look that place up and put it on my list. You should defiantly give El Trompo a try, good stuff. I’ve also tried tacos al asador which is pretty much at christie station. That place is super tiny as well but good. Not necessarily Mexican, more like El savadorian/Latin American, but they have some good stuff too. I should be paying Grand Electric a visit very soon (yes, I’m currently still in my Mexican Food vibe)

  3. Good review Casylee. Your write up and the images.
    Don’t forget to put the address of the places you will be reviewing. Remember, you will have not just have people from Canada reading your blog and reviews, but also from the USA and U.K. etc. And if one of them happens to like the review and visits Toronto one day. Will they have the address.
    By the way Mexican food is my favorite food with Italian running behind.

    Good, well thanks for sharing. Look forward to your next review from: Case of the Munchies.

    Chef Randall

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  5. I’m not sure
    exactly why but this blog is loading
    incredibly slow for me. Is anyone else having this problem or is it a
    issue on my end? I’ll check back later on and see if the problem still

    • Hmm I’m not sure why you’re having problems loading it. seems to be working fine for me. Maybe I’ll try it on another computer and see if I have problems – if so i’ll see what I can do to fix it

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