Eating Toronto – Sansotei Ramen

So if you guys have been following my brother’s blog, you all must be fellow fatties and food lovers.  Trust me, I get it.  I am le sister and there’s not much I enjoy more than filling my belly with yumminess =).  I love hearing recommendation and reading food blogs to find out where I can find the next great joint.  I hope you enjoy my addition to this blog.

I really like travelling and eating authentic cuisine all around the world.  I was in Tokyo and Osaka last year and after have the amazing Japanese Ramen there, I find myself craving Ramen every once in awhile.  I’ve heard about this Ramen Restaurant that always has a long line so I decided to give it a try.  I am totally fine with long line ups and wait lists as long as the food is worth (just make sure I get a snack in before hand so I won’t be cranky =P).

Sansotei Ramen
179 Dundas St W. Toronto, ON M5G1Z8


Here’s the lineup.  It was freezing this day, and to see that people were still willing to line up, I had to try it.  (sorry for the blurry pictures, I clearly care about eating more than I care about photography, forgive me, better pictures can be found in future posts).


People all huddled together because of cold it was that night.


This place is easy to miss, so make sure you remember the name, or just look for the lineups on Dundas =).


Sansotei has a really small, simple, and cozy decor.  Totally what I needed after freezing outside.  I love when restaurants have simple menus.  It’s easier for me to choose and I can usually depend on it to arrive quickly.


My boyfriend and I both got the classic, Tonkotsu Ramen – $9.25.  Normally, we try to sample a few different dishes, but after waiting in a long line, we went for the dish Sansotei was known for.

It had a smooth, slightly thick, creamy and not too oily pork bone soup base.  I really hate when I get a bowl of Ramen and the soup is really oily.  I mean, I know fat is delicious but I don’t need my entire mouth and stomach filled with oil.  It had perfectly flavoured pieces of pork on top.  It was mostly meat, but it also had the perfect thin layer of fat on the edge (if three pieces isn’t enough for you, you can always add extra).  I personally love runny eggs, but they had it cooked perfectly, not too runny and not too cooked. Don’t you hate getting a bowl of “ramen” and get instant noodles instead?  Luckily, it wasn’t the case here.  They also allow you to choose between thin and thick noodles.  Obviously, this wasn’t as good as what I had in Osaka, but it’s the closest I can find.  If you know of a better place, please leave it in the comment below, I’d love to try it!

For more information about the restaurant and menu, click here.

Hope you have an awesome day!



5 responses to “Eating Toronto – Sansotei Ramen

  1. Well done. The photos were fine. You added the menu with a link. That’s great!! Look you just posted today and already have 9 likes and readers. Your review was awesome. Thanks sharing. For those who live in Toronto..your doing a good serve. Well done Caseylee!! Oh ya I don’t know about your brother’s blog. What is the blog address?

    Chef Randall

    • Aww Chef Randall, you’re so sweet. Thanks for all the support, this is really new to me so any encouragement helps. My “brother” that I was referring to is “caseylee.” I am the sister, my name is Cat. We’re doing this Eating Toronto segment together (not sure if you saw the intro) . I’m just blogging from his account. I won’t always mention that it will be me posting instead of him, so see if you can spot differences in our blogging style =).

    • I actually haven’t tried either one of those. I’ve been hearing about Kinton and it’s the one I wanted to try, but like you, I heard Sansotei was I kinda opted for the “better” one. It’s still on my list of ramen places to try, I’ll let you know what I think when I get around to it.

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