Eating Toronto – Estiatorio VOLOS

Sorry for the delay and Happy Valentine’s Day!  I will have a Valentine’s Day (food) post up in 2 weeks, be ready for that.  Hint: French ;).  Whether you love or hate Valentine’s Day, I hope you made the best of it and stuffed yourself with delicious food!

I don’t know how popular events like Summerlicious and Winterlicious are around the world, but it’s pretty popular here in Toronto.  As mentioned before, I love to eat, but I don’t always have the cash to backup this hobby of mine =P.  Summerlicious and Winterlicious collaborate with restaurants and have a “Prix Fixe” menu, so that patrons can get an appetizer, entree and dessert for a fixed price.  Lunches usually run between $15-$25, and dinners usually run between $25-$45.  The awesome part about it is that some restaurant have dishes that they serve on their regular menus on their Winterlicious menus as well.  So you get to try more food at a discounted price.  Winterlicious usually occurs in January/February for 2 weeks and Summerlicious happens in July for 2 weeks.  I always find good deals and new restaurants to try whenever Winter/summerlicious rolls around.  Unfortunately, by the time this is posted, Winterlicious will be over.  Don’t worry, that just means we can start getting excited for SUMMERLICIOUS!!

Estiatorio VOLOS
Richmond St W, Toronto, ON M5H 2L3

Estiatorio VOLOS is labelled under Mediterranean/Greek so when my girls and I found out that a Greek colleague loved this restaurant, we were drooling before we got there.  The decor inside was very simple, classic, romantic and had a nice ambiance.



One of my favourite things about a restaurant.  Complimentary bread =).  I’m not a fan of olives but this loaf of olive infused bread was divine – rustic on the outside, soft on the inside. With a little drizzle of olive oil, I could almost get full off bread alone.


For the starter, I chose the calamari. I love every type of calamari – grilled, fried, pressed, packaged, whatever.  Regular price for this dish is $15. This grilled one was so good! It wasn’t overcooked so it wasn’t too chewy.  The vegetables on top made it very refreshing.  The little hint of capers and balsamic reduction really gave it a nice zing.  I definitely recommend it.


My friend got the shrimp.  It was light and refreshing as well.  It was also cooked perfectly but I definitely liked the calamari more.  A little tang goes a long way.


The main reason I chose this restaurant – the lamb shank! HELLO! you can’t say no to lamb..come on now! The regular price for this dish is $28. The lamb was cooked perfectly, fall off the bone and super flavourful.  I liked the little accents of crispy leek on top that gave the dish a good contrast in texture that it really needed.  It came with a side of mashed and Swiss chard which were also extremely flavourful.  I’m not usually a fan of swiss chard, but when you add the sauce and the lamb to you, delicious!  This was definitely a dish I’d pay full price for.


For dessert I obviously went for the ice cream – two scoop of  creamy Saffron and Pistachio Ice Cream. do you say no to that? It was perfection and the fruits on the side is definitely a plus.  Makes me feel less guilty for clearing all 3 of my dishes.

More pictures and details about their regular menu, click here. More about Winterlicious, click here.

Hope everybody gets a chance to fill their bellies without emptying their pockets =).



10 responses to “Eating Toronto – Estiatorio VOLOS

    • Hey Fae, This was actually a post by my sister, Cat. We are working on this Eating Toronto thing together, you can probably tell which posts are hers since they end with xoxo (not really my style haha) but with that said, I do like lamb shank! I will be looking up your recipe soon and hopefully have my own go at it soon =)

  1. I love lamb. This review was great. The photos and the journalism, if you will, was excellent. Well done. Never had Saffron ice cream before. Need to find a place around here who offers it.

    Thanks guys (Caseylee & Cat). Thanks for sharing.

    Chef Randall

    • Again, Randall! Nothing brightens up a blogger’s day than a compliment by a fellow blogger. Thanks for support. Saffron ice cream is definitely a must-try. I haven’t heard of it before – so far this is the only place where I’ve heard of it. If you do try it, make sure to let me know what you think.


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