Kimchi Chicken

Hello everyone! This one was actually really improvised, I had no idea what to make for dinner that day.  I knew the protein was going to be chicken breast since that was all I had in the house.  I was looking for something different, something other than plain old chicken breast with salt and pepper. I found some kimchi in the fridge and thought hmm, I’ve made some food using Korean inspired flavors before, lets do kimichi chicken breast! I though I’d share it with you all because its so simple but very satisfying.



So I started by cutting the chicken breast into strips.  I used both breasts, you can use just one side if you are cooking it for less people.  I also cut some portebello mushrooms in strips as well (just because mushrooms are awesome)


I always saute my kimchi first.  I feel it makes the kimchi better, maybe its the caramelizing of the sugars; I don’t know exact why, its just better! :P. If you don’t want, you can add the kimchi in with the chicken.


Add the chicken breast and the portebello mushrooms.  Season with salt and pepper.  You don’t need much because the kimchi is pretty flavorful itself.  You don’t want to over season, try it when the chicken is cooked (not before, don’t want anyone getting sick or dying).  You can always add more salt if you feel there isn’t enough.



And its done! I added some avocados on top because I love avocados.  For those of you who find this weird, you can skip the avocado, but I highly recommend it.  If you remember my Korean style burritos from my earlier posts, you will understand this.  I found by doing Korean burritos that Korean food and avocados are pretty good friends and isn’t weird at all.  If you want, you can also add rice and eggs to this to make a kimchi chicken fried rice.  You can also wrap these in a tortilla for burritos.  Enjoy!


2 sides of Chicken Breast

2 portebello mushrooms


Salt and Pepper


1. Cut chicken and mushrooms into strips

2. Cook kimchi in pan until caramelized

3. Add chicken breast and mushrooms; season with salt and pepper

4. Serve on plate with avocados


7 responses to “Kimchi Chicken

    • Kimchi is great for adding flavor to something like chicken breast. I started doing a lot of fusion cooking and kimchi is a very good way to add some Asian/Korean flavor with different cuisines =)

  1. I never had this dish. But my wife loves mushrooms and we both love avocado(shes Mexican, they use avocado with everything). I am going to make this. The photos are great, nice color. They draw you in to want some. Thanks for sharing.

    Chef Randall

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