Eating Toronto – (The Sultan’s Tent &) Café Moroc

If you read my didn’t get a chance to read my last post about Summer and Winterlicious, you can check it out here.  This year, I was lucky enough to go to two restaurants to Winterlicious and I can’t wait to check out more restaurants for Summerlicious.

The second restaurant I went to was: Café Moroc – $25 for Winterlicious dinner menu – one appetizer, one entrée, one dessert.   The Sultan’s Tent is well known for their belly dancing entertainment portion and Café Moroc is attached to it – literally right in front of it, they share the bathrooms.   If you don’t get a chance to book a reservation to Sultan’s Tent (like me), you can go to the washroom in Café Moroc and catch a glimpse of the belly dancing in the back (Sultan’s Tent).  It’s pretty much the bar area of Sultan’s Tent, but they have tables and are classified as separate restaurants. I’ll definitely give Sultan’s Tent a try one day.  Never had dinner with live belly dancing before, well except for weddings, but that doesn’t count. =P

Café Moroc 
49 Front St E  Torornto, ON M5E 1B3

My girls really wanted to have some Moroccan food.  On the Winterlicious website, there are only two restaurants listed as “Moroccan” restaurants.  We ended up choosing Café Moroc because it had better ratings and was suggested by other food bloggers (how can we neglect the suggestion of fellow food bloggers? Come on now! =P).

Again, a restaurant with awesome ambience. Love the old antique touches in the decoration and at the bar.  I was lucky enough to go with more people this time, so everybody got something slightly different. I was able to give almost every dish on the Winterlicious menu a try.  Hurray for using friends to try out multiple dishes ;).

DSC00315 DSC00307DSC00308



My friend chose the hummus as the appetizer.  Hummus and Olives $7. Crispy pita with a delicious hummus topped with olives.  As mentioned previously, I’m not really a big fan of olives but these sun-dried olives were delightful.  I know people love the saltiness of olives but that actually bothers the crap out of me.  These ones were salty but not too salty.  So if you’re a fan of super salty olives, these might not be for you.


I opted for the “healthier” option.  I knew that I was going to save room for dessert so I decided to go for something lighter.  This is vegetarian soup, Harira – $6.  To be honest, this tasted like a vegetarian chili.  I love chili and I love how prominent the Moroccan spices were, but nothing too special.  Unless you are a die-hard (vegetarian) chili fan, I’d opt for any of the other two options.


Maftoul – beef cigars $6.  This is actual the appetizer I really wanted to get, but since I already planned on getting beef as my entrée, I decided to skip this.  All I can say is, heaven!  This was sooo good! The cigar was super crispy but really light.  The beef was perfectly seasoned and not chewy.  The chipotle aioli really made it, but come on..when does chipotle not make a dish?



I went for the Morrocan Beef Short Ribs $20. I know what I said about my love for lamb, but you can’t eat it EVERY time (or can you?)  I took this opportunity to try something different.  This was a perfect compliment between my love for steak and love for ribs =).   Fall of the bone goodness with lightly seasoned meat.  The red wine demi-glaze gave the dish a nice little tang. The vegetables were just lightly cooked so it gave a nice bite to contrast with the textures of the tender beef and parsnip mashed.  Gotta say, never had mashed parsnip before but it was good and very similar to potatoes, but a little less creamy.  I actually prefer it, it feels lighter.  However, if you prefer something heavier, I’d stick with normal mashed potatoes.


My friends got the Braised Lamb Feast – $18.  When a dish has the word “feast” in it, you know it’s a must-have.  I let them order it while I stole bites.  =)  Again, very well seasoned and fall off the bone lamb.  The melted cheese on top made it that much more succulent.  Not to mention that it was perfectly complimented with lightly seasoned vegetables and couscous.


Another friend of mine ordered the Chicken Marakesh $17.  I love chicken, but I gotta say, this dish wasn’t my favourite. The chicken was cooked perfectly and I loved how the Moroccan spices were brought through their own tagine sauce. However, the honey butter onions and re-hydrated apricots made the couscous a little too sweet for my taste.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my sweets and I’ll forever save room for dessert, but I really do prefer my savoury dishes more savoury and leave the sweetness for dessert, please.  If you guys ever try this dish, let me know if you feel the same way about the sweetness.

Dessert (fatty alert)


My favourite, dessert.  Some of my other friends ordered other desserts, but when I saw dessert, I got too excited so I only snapped a picture of my crème brûlée…sorry! I love love LOVE crème brûlée.  I can’t really say no to it when I see it, I kind of HAVE to have it.  Can you tell that I’m absolutely obsessed with it?  Pretty much anywhere I go that has crème brûlée on the menu, I’ll order it.  It’s the perfect combination – crispy, sweet, caramelized sugar on top with a soft custard on the bottom.  Perfect contrasting textures and complementary flavours.  It’s just the perfect dessert and Café Moroc did a good job with it.  The sugar was a little burnt on top, which annoys me because it makes the dish a little bitter, but the custard was made well, so I turned a blind eye.  Not the best crème brûlée I’ve ever had, but still delicious.  Perfect ending to an awesome dinner.

Hope you guys can grab a few more friends the next time you go out so that you can try out more dishes.   Loosen up those belt buckles and indulge!

For more information about Sultan’s Tent and Café Moroc, click here.



6 responses to “Eating Toronto – (The Sultan’s Tent &) Café Moroc

  1. Looks delicious! I’ve been to Berber Lounge – downstairs of Sultan’s Tent and loved the ambiance and belly dancing. The food was OK, but I was a little disappointed. Looks like the food is much better upstairs!

    • Sandra,
      I wasn’t aware that there was a downstairs. Too bad the food wasn’t any good. I’m curious though – wonder if they’re all connected since they all have belly dancing throughout.

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