Eating Toronto – Holy Chuck

I have been hearing about Holy Chuck for a while now.  A relatively new addition to Toronto’s burger scene; just opened for about 1 year.  This burger joint did not disappoint.  I think most people like me, are tired of generic fast food joints and their “burgers”.  Holy Chuck certainly makes a case for being among one of the best burger joints in Toronto.

For more information you can visit their website at or follow them on Twitter @holychuckburger.  If you wish to visit Holy Chuck, their address is 1450 Yonge St. Toronto.

20130309_200730It was a little hard to find at first as there are a lot of other shops and restaurants around.  Parking is just street parking so don’t expect to find a parking lot to the place.  There was a public parking lot close by though.  For those traveling by public transit, it is pretty close to St. Clair subway station so that is definitely a bonus. I was pretty happy to see there was a decent number of tables and chairs.  I was not so happy that all the tables were occupied though.  None the less, the open space is a plus for sure.


I noticed this on the wall.  A wall of fame and wall of shame for their “Go Chuck Yourself” burger.  Which is a challenge by Holy Chuck, you’re suppose to eat that whole burger and a specialty milk shake in 6 minutes.  WHAT?! visit their website for more information.  Just from counting, I counted at least 6 burger patties.


This washroom cow definitely caught my eye as well.  Very playful.


Nutella, anyone? You don’t understand how much will it took for me not to open and lick every single one of these!20130309_202244This is what I like to see! Freshly ground beef done right in front of our eyes.  You know its fresh when you see this!  Meat grinders kinda worry me though, maybe its too many horror movies for me =P.


This is their menu, written on a board.  There’s lots a variety here, each item sounding more delicious than the previous.  Feel free to visit their website for a better look at the menu.

Panko Crusted Onion Rings $4.79 CAD


Don’t think I need to say more, right? I tend to get onion rings over regular fries if it is an option.  We all thought Panko crusted onion rings sounded pretty awesome.  After eating, these were good onion rings, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Nutella Milkshake $5.49 CAD


Remember all those Nutella jars earlier?  Well check out this bad boy, Nutella & Salted Caramel Milkshake! (I think, I don’t remember tasting peanut butter).  I wasn’t the one who ordered this but I didn’t hesitate to take a sip..or gulp or however your’re suppose to drink/eat milkshakes.  It was thick, rich and almost tasted like a ferrero rocher in liquid form, I know for a fact I wouldn’t be able to finish the whole thing myself.  This is a monster milkshake, definitely try this (I recommend sharing though =P).

Fresh Black Truffle Fries $12.99 CAD



Oh my, these were good!  They came with a black truffle mayo as well.  I got to say, among one of the best fries I have eaten.  They’re rich and flavorful.  You might not be able to eat a lot of it yourself (or maybe that’s just us) but man these are good, definitely try this if you visit.

The Holy Chuck (Our Signature) $9.99 CAD

Double Cheeseburger with bacon & caramelized onions.  Please don’t put any toppings!


This is the Holy Chuck, their signature.  As you saw from the description (took it straight from their site) they don’t want you to mess around with it, as this should be the way its eaten.  Most of us ordered this one (I didn’t).  The meat was juicy and tender, however the flavor of the beef didn’t really shine through for me.  This “Signature” burger didn’t really stand out in my opinion.  Don’t get me wrong, still a very good burger; I just expected a bit more from the signature, the burger that is suppose to set the bar.

The Raging Bull $12.99 CAD

Double cheeseburger with double bacon, layered with fresh sautéed hot peppers & fried in a homemade chipotle sauce.

My friend got the Raging Bull.  I took a bite out of it and man it was a tasty burger!  Again tender and juicy beef.  Similar to the signature, Holy Chuck but with more bacon and hot peppers in a chipotle sauce.  Maybe in the near future, I’d like to eat one of these myself instead of taking a sample bite.

The Grind n’ Shine $10.99 CAD

Double Cheeseburger with bacon, caramelized onions with homemade potato chips & fried egg

20130309_205337 20130309_205358

If you have been following my blog, you probably know I love eggs on burgers!  This burger was pretty awesome, when I saw there was an egg, I just had to get it!  The potato chips didn’t really add much for me except for a nice crunch.  Boy that egg was good though!  If you like eggs on burgers, I recommend this one.


If you enjoy real/freshly ground burgers, Holy Chuck will not disappoint you.

They have a fun, easy going attitude as you can tell by the names of their burgers on the menu.

It does a great job doing the classic “shake and a burger” style.  The burgers might be a little on the greasy side for some; I personally don’t mind because burgers are meant to be greasy and messy (as long as we don’t eat them like we drink water).

Among one of the best burgers in the city.  I rank it above 5 guys.  I’ve been to Shake Shack in New York City and though I don’t remember exactly how the burger was since it was a while ago, Holy Chuck definitely up there with Shake Shack if not better (in my opinion)

Black truffle fries were amazing, I think its a must try.

Decent number of tables and seating.

In my opinion, the signature Holy Chuck burger was a little lacking and nothing out of the ordinary, but as you move up and add more crazy ingredients, these burgers are great.  With that said, I think its everything put together that make the burger, not necessarily the burger itself since the most basic burger didn’t really do it for me.  The meat was juicy and tender, but the flavor of the meat didn’t shine through for me; the meat wasn’t the star of the show, so to speak (hope I’m making sense).

So many things to try, I have to return in the future to try out different items.  I remember seeing a foie gras burger – sounds insane!!  Just reading the items I would like to try makes my mouth water!!

For more information you can visit their website at or follow them on Twitter @holychuckburger.  If you wish to visit Holy Chuck, their address is 1450 Yonge St. Toronto.


2 responses to “Eating Toronto – Holy Chuck

  1. Hey I missed this review. What awesome burgers they have there. I love your images, the food ones very appealing and convincing of the burger quality at this restaurant. But there is one that made me laugh after I took a closer look: The washroom with the cow peeing. LOL guys that’s funny.

    Great review as always. Please stop by Fun with Food ( ). We always appreciate your comments and visits.


    • hey randall, thanks! haha the cow was great. Cat made sure I took a picture of it! I’ve been a little busy lately so I haven’t really been blogging. Thanks for coming by though, I’m looking to getting a few posts up this weekend and possible have some time to browse around your blog and others as well =). Looking forward to reading some of your stuff!

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