Eating Toronto – WVRST

So it seems like I haven’t posted anything in forever.  Well here is a pretty interesting one for all of you!  I remember a little over a year ago I went to Lee Restaurant and Lounge here in Toronto (before I started Blogging).  If you are wondering, Lee is Suser Lee’s restaurant; he tied for second place on Top Chef Masters. That’s a story for another day.  I remember seeing a weird place beside starting with a W and it seemed like a funny name but I paid no real attention to it.  A little later on that year I started hearing some people talk about a place called “werst, or verst” or something along those lines and something to do with sausages.  I looked it up and stumbled on WVRST – no vowels, I believe pronounced “Verst”.  I started thinking and vaguely remembering the weird place starting with a W while I was at Lee.  Turns out my memory did not fail me and the weird W place I saw beside Lee was indeed WVRST.

Feel Free to visit their Website and follow them on Twitter @WVRSTbeerhall  and on Instagram @WVRST.

They are located at 609 King Street West, Toronto, Ontario.  Weather you are from Toronto or from out of town and have the chance, you should pay WVRST a visit.


This is how WVRST looks like from outside in case you drive by and miss it.

DSC02462 DSC02463

Inside you notice the look of a beerhall you might find in Germany or somewhere like that; it is quite neat.  You also find a series of long communal tables made for sharing – you sit where ever there is space.  You also notice the bar area where they have a list of craft beers on tap either domestic or imported.  Click here for the beer list.  I believe this is only the list for Canadian beers; international beers were written on the board though.

DSC02477 DSC02467

Here’s a closer look of the beers they have on tap.  They also have a series of international beers as well.


My Cousin gave the Beau’s a try and enjoyed it quite a bit.  – I apologize, I don’t really know how to describe beer other than “good” and “bad”


We also gave the Great Lakes a try.  Apparently a 9.5% beer.  This one tasted a little fruity (in a good way).


I tried the Urthel Hop it, a beer from Belgium.  This one is also 9.5%.  The beer flavor was a little more intense than the other 2 but I enjoy a stronger beer so I didn’t mind it at all; I liked it.  Needless to say, some of these are tougher than the average beer ;).

Click here for a copy of their menu

DSC02464You would start off by picking a type of sausage.  they have a variety of different sausages, including chicken, vegetarian and game sausages.  After picking the sausage you choose 2 toppings: includes sweet onions, sauerkraut, jalapenos and sweet peppers.  You either choose 2 toppings or have a currywurst; this basically means your sausage is sliced and served with a curry tomato sauce on a piece of country toast.

DSC02470 DSC02466 DSC02465

After you have decided on what you want, you would make your way to the ordering counter.  You will walk by the big WVRST wall and you will see the kitchen/ordering counter.  Beside the counter you will see the assortment of different sausages they have.  You will go up to the counter and order what you like.  After ordering you will receive a sign with a number on it; you will then bring this numbered sign back to where you chose to sit and when your food is ready, they will bring your food out to where that number is.

Traditional Sausages $6.00 CAD

Chorizo: Currywurst


We got the Chorizo in a currywurst.  The chorizo was flavorful and delicious.  Made with pork and a some chili powder – adds a little spiciness.  The curry sauce added a little more depth, with a little sourness and a little spiciness – a pretty good combination.

Bratwurst: Onions and Sweet Peppers

This is the bratwurst with onions and sweet pepper.  the bratwust was good, you can’t really go wrong with this one.  A German style sausage.

Italian: Sauerkraut and Onions


The Italian sausage with sauerkraut and onions.  A pork sausage made with some fennel.  A good sausage but again, a safe – “cannot go wrong with this one” – sausage.

We were feeling very experimental and decided to try a few of the game sausages. If you call yourself a foodie or just someone who is open to trying new things; I highly recommend the game section – some more popular than others, but all very interesting and fun to try.  I have yet to try them all, but would definitely come back to try most of them.

Game Sausages: $9.00 CAD

Kangaroo: Onions and Jalapeno


We got a kangaroo sausage! Yes, you read correctly…Kangaroo!  The kangaroo (like most game) is a little different than your traditional meats.  It has that gamy flavor you either love or hate (like lamb).  I enjoy game and is probably why I really enjoyed the kangaroo.  Those with me agreed; we all seemed to enjoy the kangaroo quite a bit.  If you haven’t had kangaroo before, definitely try it out; even after trying it, I would order it again – it goes beyond just a novelty item/fun item, definitely good enough to order on a regular basis.

Venison: Onions, and Jalapeno.


The Venison, again a little gamy; taste a little bit like beef but with a hint of game.  A good tasting sausage.  Watch out if you don’t eat that spicy because they load it with jalapenos and after a few bites, it could burn if you aren’t use to it.  The venison is a good way to ease yourself into game if you aren’t too sure about some of the other items like kangaroo.

Elk : Currywurst


We got the Elk in the currywurst style.  I didn’t notice until after I ordered that they do not recommend currywusrt with game; but too late!  It was probably why the curry sauce came on the side compared to the Chorizo earlier that was poured over the meat.  The Elk had a similar taste to the venison but more fatty.  I don’t know if it was because of the curry sauce and elk didn’t mix well or I just did not enjoy the elk as much but I though the elk was just average.  I am open to trying it again one day without the curry but as of right now, I wasn’t completely sold on the elk.

Wild Boar: Currywurst


Wild Boar was another game meat we got in the currywurst style- again not realizing the recommendation.  The funny thing is that the wild boar was amazing.  We all enjoyed the wild boar the most out of all the game we tried.  I don’t know about my company, but for me, I thought the boar was the best sausage we had all night.  Wild boar resembles a pork flavor but at the same time different. It has a hint of game to it and it definitely isn’t as fat as regular pork.  I even dipped it in the curry sauce quite a bit and enjoyed the combination a lot.  I wanted to order another wild boar but we were just way too full (you’ll see why later).

Duck Fat Fries: Small $4.50 CAD, Large: $6.50 CAD


We got the small duck fat fries.  These are soo good! definitely give them a try; especially if you haven’t had duck fat fries before.  They come with 2 dipping sauces, we got the mojito sauce and another one I forgot which one it was but it wasn’t that special.  The mojito dipping sauce was really good though, a little mint, some lime juice mixed in some yogurt; yum, right?!

Dirty Duck Fries: Small $5.50 CAD, Large $7.50 CAD

“Dirty fries” are fries with onions, jalapeno and sweet peppers with a “WVRST special sauce”.  Dirty duck fries are just that but with duck fat fries.  We didn’t know that Large really did mean LARGE.  It came out like this on a baking tray.  We didn’t know the portion was going to be so big but we were a little glad because these were amazingg! We kept complaining how much there were but it didn’t seem like anyone was stopping.  This is the reason we didn’t order an extra wild boar.  I highly recommend getting these dirty duck fries; you will not be disappointed…and if you do, its on you, not on me =D.


– WVRST is a great place to eat and have a few beers with friends.  On mondays after 5pm it is $5.00 Craft beer night so that is a bonus.  On thursday nights there will be a DJ there; you can find all this information on their website which is once again can be found

– I recommend trying some game if you have never tried or want to experiment with ones you haven’t tried before; they’re great tasting; wild boar and kangaroo are great choices!

– If game isn’t your thing, the traditional sausages are great as well; chorizo, bratwurst, italian are all great choices.

– The assortment of beer is great and worth re-visiting just to try them all

– I recommend going with at least a group of 4 people to be able to try an assortment of different sausages and beers.

– Dirty duck fries are killer and a must try!

Thanks for reading and again please follow WVRST on Twitter @WVRSTbeerhall and Instagram @WVRST

You can find them at 609 King Street West, Toronto, Ontario.  Enjoy!


4 responses to “Eating Toronto – WVRST

  1. the dirty duck fries are OH SO GOOD!!!!! but so fattening hahaha oh wells. once in a while is good!

    btw. the lighting in your pictures are so much better than mine. it was so dark the night i went 😦

    • Yes the dirty duck fries were amazing! we just couldn’t stop eating it despite the constant complaints of how full we were getting.

      Yea they are pretty dark; there weren’t many people there so I found a seat right under one of those lights they had. It wasn’t as bad as grand electric though

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