Eating Toronto – Electric Mud BBQ

Welcome to Electric Mud BBQ.  Owned by those who brought us Grand Electric.  If you haven’t read my post on Grand Electric, go check it out here!  Electric Mud BBQ opened a few months back and already creating a buzz around the city.  Don’t expect the traditional BBQ when you come here, that’s not what they’re about.  The best way to describe this place is “Hipster BBQ”; they are a spin off of traditional BBQ and other southern staples like fried chicken.  Follow them on Twitter @ElectricMudBBQ.  They don’t have a website yet, at least none that I can find.  They are opened from 5pm – 2am on Wednesday – Monday (meaning closed on Tuesday).

5 Brock Avenue
Toronto, ON M6K 1L4

Electric mud is just located in the Parkdale neighborhood of Toronto, at the intersection of Brock avenue and Queen Street West. (just north of Queen st. West).  Keep in mind they accept CASH ONLY; they do have an ATM machine upstairs by the washrooms.

DSC02569 DSC02570

Right as you turn onto Brock Avenue from Queen Street, you should see Electric Mud.  You probably wouldn’t see the actual name but you will see the smoker out front and the sign that says “Barbecue”.


I have read about their long waits and I have experienced the wait at Grand Electric so I was ready to wait 1-2 hours.  When we arrived, we were told the wait would be 15-20 minutes…not bad.  As it is getting warmer, there are tables available outside as well; it was a warm day so we didn’t mind being outside.  We were also asked if we minded sharing a table (we only had 3 people).  Sharing tables is something I have experienced in Asia and some other Asian restaurants here in Canada but its not something that happens all the time.  Hey I’m all for sharing, if it means we get tables faster, why not!  So the tables are just wooden picnic tables, nothing fancy about them; if you’re looking for padded seats and pillows, this isn’t the place.

DSC02571 DSC02572 DSC02573

Here are the menus.  The food menu, the drinks menu and the specials.  Yes, they are written on pieces of paper; foldable laminated menus are too cliché ;).  Our server explained to us (as well as the trio who we shared the table with) normally for a group of 3, maybe 3 starters/sides and 3 meat dishes would be sufficient; you can make your own call here.   Again they accept CASH ONLY and have an ATM machine upstairs by the washrooms.

I wanted to try the shrimp n grits as well as the fried green tomatoes but had already ordered too much food; I will be trying them the next time I visit though.

Lets start off with some drinks, shall we?

Porch Crawler – $9 CAD.  Thai Basil Gin, Watermelon lemonade.


I normally don’t go for cocktails much but this porch crawler definitely caught my attention.  I was expecting something really sweet or really sour – what I would expect from drinks containing lemonade.  Oddly it was neither.  It is a little hard to describe; for one it was really refreshing.  It had a really good balance of flavors; the watermelon lemonade was awesome, the thai basil gin complimented well and added a hint of savory.  It left me in a state of wanting more; it wasn’t a strong drink, there was just a lot of it (not complaining).  I really enjoyed it; give it a try, its perfect for a hot day.

Beergurita – $11 CAD.  Agua Loca, Tequila, Lime juice, Agave.


I would have gotten this if my Sister, Cat didn’t call dibs on it first.  I do love my tequila so this one stood out for me.  Again, it was refreshing and well balanced.  There was salt on the rim which in my opinion helped bring out the tequila flavor (which I enjoy).  Definitely try this if you like beer and tequila.  I actually enjoyed the porch crawler more but that might be because I only took a sip of this.  I will probably get one for myself next time.

I know you all came here for the food, so lets get started!

Crack Rolls – $3.75 CAD


We started off with these little bad boys; the crack rolls.  They come with 3 warm and soft rolls topped with sesame seeds.  That goes with a butter infused with some fat straight from the smoker.  To be blunt, these are pretty much crack on rolls.  So delicious, the butter/fat just melts onto the warm soft, cloud like rolls and when you take a bite, the saltiness and buttery-ness (spell check) just hits your taste buds and you let out a sigh, say a few words along the lines of “damn these are so *bleeping* good” and then proceed to spread an even bigger hunk of fat infused butter onto the next piece you eat.  Long story short…get these!

Hot Links $8.50 CAD.


The hot links were nothing special in my opinion.  My company agreed with me.  They were good but nothing out of the ordinary; just sausages on a bed of cheesy sauce. The sauce resembled a cream cheese dip you would get as an appetizer which was probably why it comes with a sesame topped cracker.   I personally enjoyed the cheesy dip more than the actual sausage itself; I wouldn’t have mind if they gave me a bowl of the sauce and some crackers/chips to dip it in.

Pork Ribs $14.50 CAD.


These ribs were a late addition to our very meat-heavy meal.  We thought hmm, I could still do more food and realized we came to a BBQ place and didn’t order ribs.  We were told the pork ribs came in 3 bones which was perfect; 1 for each of us – 1 rib couldn’t do too much damage.  When the ribs arrived I was happy to see some peanuts and green onions on top – far from your traditional toppings on ribs.  The first bite was great, the meat was tender and fell off the bone nicely. After that, it didn’t really do much for me.  Maybe it was because I was partially full already or perhaps my taste-buds aren’t adapted to such powerful seasonings.  What I mean by that is at first it was fine, but after a few more bites, the sauce (to me what seemed like a hoisin based sauce or some other Asian based barbecue sauce – I could be wrong) was just so overpowering – it was very salty in my opinion.  This might be because I just don’t eat super salty foods or it could have been a bad day since I’ve heard good things about the ribs, I just couldn’t enjoy them as much as I probably should.

Fried Chicken – $9.50 CAD.


This fried chicken is up there with the best fried chicken I have ever had! The skin was so crispy – the crunch of it was amazing.  I normally don’t even like really crispy things and I loved this.  The skin was perfectly fried, the inside was juicy, moist, tender,  and perfectly seasoned with just the right amount of spicy from the hot sauce underneath. This dish is on point!  You have to try the fried chicken! I don’t even know what else to say about it, just get it!

Pork Belly – $13.50 CAD.


I always have a soft spot for pork belly.  It was a choice between this and the beef ribs/rib ends – I had to made an executive decision and went with the pork belly.  The pork belly came in 3 different chunks on toasts.  Underneath there was a spicy honey mustard which was really good as well.  Take a piece of toast, drizzle a little honey mustard on top and take a bite.  The meat is so tender, the fat just melts in your mouth.  Your mouth is blasted with a juicy, fatty, smokey flavor of a beautiful piece of pork with a little sweetness and spiciness from the mustard – absolutely heavenly!  If you have never tried pork belly, please do – start watching your diet some other day.

Brisket Sandwich – $9.50 CAD.


Look at this bad boy!  Beautifully smoked brisket on a soft bun topped with some spicy sauce, green onions and fried onions.  The fried onions alone would have been enough to make this a great sandwich – I wish I could just order these onions on the side – almost like an order of onions rings.  If that wasn’t enough, there was always the brisket.  It was so juicy, the bottom of the bun eventually became soggy – just packed with all the juices that came off the meat.  As you can see in the bottom picture, the juices just flow – the juice was almost a soup!  Absolutely amazing, perfectly seasoned, excellent balance of flavors, right amount of spice, smoke, sweet and salty.  My words can’t do this sandwich justice, just do your taste buds a favor and get this sandwich!

After all that food, we managed to still have room for dessert.

Mud Pie – $4 CAD


If you read my Grand Electric post of have been there, these desserts shouldn’t be a surprise to you.  It seems like everyone is moving away from traditional pies/cakes and having everything layered in mason jars.  Electric Mud is no different.  The pud pie starts off with a layer of Oreo cookie crumbled at the bottom, soft serve chocolate ice cream topped with a chocolate ganache.  This was very good, the Oreo cookie crumble was awesome.  You should definitely dig all the way to the bottom to get everything in 1 bite.  If you are a chocolate lover, try the mud pie.

Banana Cream Pie – $5 CAD.


The banana cream pie followed the same formula as the mud pie.  Layered at the bottom with a gram cracker crumble, banana cream and topped with some whipped cream.  Again the cookie crumble at the bottom is very good and you must dig all the way down.  The banana cream was to die for – the bananas were ripe – no shortage of banana flavor here.  Very creamy and not overly sweet.  The added sweetness of the whipped cream mixed with some natural sweetness of the ripe bananas + a little saltiness from the cookie crumble, this was my favorite out of the 2 desserts we got.  We decided to do a little experiment of our own top the banana cream pie with some chocolate soft serve + ganache drizzle; SO GOOD!  If there was a suggestion box, that is what I would have put in it!


Here have some toothpicks! You might need it – this isn’t a place to watch your image – I will judge you more if you are trying to prevent yourself from getting messy (that includes the ladies)


– Great place for drinks and delicious food – you will get messy; your hands as well as your face – not the place to worry about whether your make up is on properly or whether your nail polish colour blends well with the rib sauce – eat first, wash up later

– Great atmosphere, great people, great food

– Not your traditional BBQ restaurant so don’t be looking for that

– Tables seat 6 so that might be the limit to your group size – 3 was a great number, 4 should be pretty good as well.  I think smaller groups would be better than larger that way sharing is encouraged

– A little meat heavy sometimes – should probably get a few sides of veggies – we ended up getting 2 coleslaws – I did enjoy the slaw, it had a good tartness to it ; I prefer a little more creamy slaw, but that’s just a personal preference thing

– Definitely try the fried chicken, pork belly, crack rolls and brisket sandwich!

– Will definitely be returning to try different menu items (i.e. fried green tomatoes, catfish bun, shrimp and gritz etc.) as well as some of the different drinks they have so stay tuned! I sat outside so I didn’t get the whole experience with the music playing and everything – perhaps I will sit inside next time

– CASH ONLY – ATM machine is inside, upstairs by the washrooms

Again, Electric Mud BBQ is located right at the intersection of Brock Avenue (just west of Dufferin) and Queen Street West.

5 Brock Avenue
Toronto, ON M6K 1L4
Twitter: @ElectricMudBBQ


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