Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

It seems like its been forever since I have posted a recipe.  Here are some super quick and easy recipes you can all try by yourselves.  Portobello mushrooms are actually one of my favorites – they’re so versatile, you can bake them, grill them, chop them up and sauté them, just about anything you like.  Here are a few ideas of how you can turn portobello mushrooms into something a little more.


When picking portobello mushrooms for stuffing, I like the ones that are wide and curl up on the side to form a really nice cup – so to speak.  If you have cooked with portobello mushrooms before, you know they have these gills inside the cap.  They are edible and I have cooked without removing them before.  However when I stuff the mushrooms, I tend to scrape them out with a spoon – it makes me feel as if I have more space to put the filling. You should also remove the stem since it would be difficult to stuff the mushroom with a stem sticking out the middle.

DSC00950 DSC00951 DSC00952

Beat an egg and roll your stem-less and gill-less mushroom caps in the egg.  Next roll the egg soaked mushrooms in some Panko breadcrumbs.  I added a little salt and pepper and a pinch of cayenne – you don’t really need to use the cayenne, but salt and pepper is recommended.  The Panko adds a really nice crunch.


For this example I did a pizza variation.  I chopped up some red bell peppers, spinach and pepperoni.  I then put them all in a bowl and mixed them in some tomato sauce.  You can also chop up some mushrooms and onions – basically any of your favorite pizza toppings would do.  This also works great for those who don’t want the crust in the pizza – the mushroom acts as your crust but without the carbs – you can even skip the breadcrumbs.

DSC00955 DSC00956

After a quick mix in the bowl, just top the mushroom caps with the pizza mixture you made and top with cheese – I used a low fat mozzarella – You can also use cheddar, Havarti, monterey jack etc.  After you stuffed the mushrooms, – put them on a baking tray and bake in a preheated oven at 3750F for 20-25 minutes.


And here they are – beautiful stuffed portobello mushrooms.


More Stuffed Mushroom Ideas:

The thing about these is that you can have so many different things stuffed inside.  I’ll show you a few ideas of stuffing that I have done before in this style.


Here is a sandwich inspired stuffed portobello mushroom.  What I did was shredded some Montreal smoked meat – you can of course use roast beef, oven roasted chicken or any ham/deli meat of your choice.  I topped it with some cheese and baked it.  I added avocados after they came out because I don’t want to cook the avocado.   I topped one with sriracha hot sauce and the other one with a spicy mustard.


This one is when I made chorizo tacos the night before and had some chorizo leftover.  I stuffed the mushroom with some of the chorizo and topped it with a salsa I made with smoked mozzarella cheese.  I also added some sriracha hot sauce for a kick.

DSC09490 DSC09762

Here is a favorite of mine.  I showed it during Christmas.  I mix pesto, sundried tomatoes and cream cheese.  Stuffed that mixture in the mushrooms and top it with more cheese.  I didn’t use breadcrumbs for these like the others.

20130220_173805 20130220_18445020130220_184705

Recently I posted a homemade burgers recipe go check it out if you haven’t seen it.  Basically I just crusted the mushrooms with Panko stuffed it with cheese and baked it.  I then used these mushrooms as a topping for the burgers – they work great!  Also check out my burger’s priest post I got this idea off of them.

I will list out the ingredients but of course a lot of these are just ideas and should be done to personal taste. If you have any questions or ideas like this, feel free to comment and let me know. Enjoy!

Ingredients: Pizza stuffing

Porotobello mushrooms

Panko breadcrumbs (optional)


red bell pepper

mozzarella cheese


tomato sauce


Cayenne pepper (optional)

Salt and Pepper

Sandwich stuffing:

Portobello mushroom


Panko breadcrumbs (optional)

Montreal smoked meat/ deli meat of your choice



Sriracha hot sauce (optional)

Mustard (optional)

Salt and Pepper

Pesto Stuffing

Portobello Mushrooms


Panko Breadcrumbs (optional)

Cayenne (optional)


Sundried tomatoes

cream cheese

shredded mozzarella or cheddar

Salt and Pepper

Chorizo Stuffing:

Porotobello mushrooms


Panko Breadcrumbs (optional)

Cayenne (optional)

Chorizo – check out other post for recipe


Smoked Mozzarella

Sriracha Hot Sauce

Salt and Pepper

Cheesey Stuffing: – used as topping for burgers – See Homemade burgers and Burger’s Priest

Porotobello mushrooms


Panko Breadcrumbs

Cayenne (optional)

Cheddar Cheese


1. Pick stem off mushrooms and remove gills with a spoon

2. Beat an egg and coat mushrooms with egg mixture

3. Pour out some Panko breadcrumbs and add salt and pepper and some cayenne pepper if so desired

4. Stuff mushrooms with stuffing of your choice

5. Bake in a preheated 3750F oven for 20-25 minutes

Remember all of these can be done with the breading or without.  If you do not want the crunch, you can leave out the breading process and it would make cut a lot of the prepping time as well.


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    • Hi Fae! its been a while since we last spoke, how have you been? I agree, portobello mushrooms are great! I look forward to see what you stuff them with =). Hope you had a great 4th of July; Canada day up here was just a few days ago (you might already know..most people don’t know about us though =P)

      • – Good to see your post!
        – We had a barbecue gluttony day yesterday, ending with watching an hour of fireworks on TV. 😉
        – With all embarrassment, I am one of them. Exactly what date is Canada Day? I was in Victoria on on June 7 (my 6/19 post)
        – Hope to see more of your quality posts! 😀

      • It sounds like you had a wonderful time!

        haha, most people (actually almost everyone) who doesn’t live here have no idea when it is or that it even exists. Its actually on July 1st

    • thanks! I love recipes like this simply because they have almost an infinite amount of combinations – I wanted to post more than just 1 just to show how versatile it can be and to encourage more people to try freestyle/improvisation when cooking. glad you enjoyed!

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