Eating Toronto – Playa Cabana

Here is a post I have been meaning to do for a very long time but haven’t gotten around to doing it.  I was going through some old pictures and saw these and thought this would be a good time to do the post.  They have changed a few things since the time I have been but it does not change how much they make me drool.  Welcome to Playa Cabana!


Check out their website have 4 different locations now.  This is “Playa Cabana” Location,  located at 111 Dupont St. Toronto, Ontario.  Also Follow them on Twitter – @PlayaCabana, Instagram @playacabana and Facebook – Playa Cabana Mexican Tequeria


It took me a very long time to actually go to Playa Cabana.  They do take reservations and if you do visit, I highly recommend you do so.  At peak hours (7:00pm) they are book weeks ahead of time.  I stopped by once without reservations and waited 2 hours just to see if anyone would not show up and get a seat.  I don’t blame them for showing up but that meant I had to go home empty handed.  I was smarter the next time and made reservations.  It was definitely worth waiting for!


The space is not very big, which is why you need to make reservations.  You end up being very close to everyone else, there isn’t much room for movement, but that doesn’t take away form the experience at all.  If you never been there before, you will be looking around and seeing what everyone else is getting; no one cares and is more than happy to share their secret ordering techniques (not literally).  The atmosphere is great, everyone is enjoying their time and no one really cares there isn’t much space to move around and at times seem to embrace the fact everyone is so close to each other.

Check out their Menu online.  The menu looks a little bit different from when I first visited.  But the items all seem to still be there.



DSC03017We went with the Mojito Mojado because I personally enjoy tequila more than rum.  It is 2 dollars more than the Mojito Cubano  for a pitcher.  The mojito was so refreshing.  I don’t normally drink mojitos but this is definitely up there in the top ranking mojitos I have had.  We have all starved ourselves for this meal, needless to say it didn’t take long for it to take effect ;).





DSC03011 We started off with Guacamole and the Ceviche.  The guacamole was really good, fresh avocados with some kick.  We decided to go spicy on the guac – it was a little bit too spicy for some in my group but for me it was fine – so if you have some in your group who aren’t huge on spice, try medium.  The ceviche as good also.  The fish was fresh and the tang and tartness of the lime juice really brightens your day up and is super refreshing.  There are way more chips than guac or ceviche but that is normally the case with these appetizers.


DSC03022DSC03025Originally we had not ordered this but we saw the table beside us get this and I just stared at it (for quite a long time) and thought “umm I got to get me some of that!” We asked the server and found out what it was.  Boy am I glad I ordered it.  Filled with chicken and cheesy goodness, each bite is as if you forgot the previous bite was this good and you let out a “mmmmmmm” – the sign of satisfaction.

CARNE MOLIDA PICADILLO** – $12 CAD (** means it contains Gluten, it says on the website)

DSC03031 DSC03035We went with the Carne Molida Picadillo Burrito.  The description really got me; slow cooked beef, guajillo-ancho-chipotle; how can you say no to that?! The burrito was amazing.  The tender slow cooked beef, the creamy/stringy oaxaca cheese and the sauces.  The flavor of the chilies mixed with the sauces and tenderness of the meat and then you add cheese, I don’t think I need to say more.  There are multiple sauces on this burrito, which all complement each other so well.  You get a different bite every time  depending on which sauce your particular peice is touching and that surprise is amazing each time.   The sauces include guac, pico de gallo, green tomatillo sauce, red tomato sauce, and a crema sauce.  These sauces come with all the burritos (I think) and all the fillings sound amazing so I don’t really think you can go wrong with a burrito here.



DSC03026The tacos all come in 3’s hence the “Tres Tacos” section when you look at the menu for this locations compared to the other locations.

We started with the Fish Tacos.  I order fish tacos any chance I get because I absolutely love fish tacos.  This was an amazing taco.  The fish was perfectly fried.  The batter was not too thick, it was light a flaky.  The fish inside was moist.  I liked how you can still taste the fish – a lot of times fried fish gets lost under the batter but here the fish really stands out.  The cilantro, and radishes add a nice refreshing crunch.  I do not regret ordering these fish tacos and are one of the best in town.


DSC03030Next tacos werethe Chorizo Tacos.  These were topped with pico de gallo, oaxaca cheese, cilantro and some crema.  I personally love chorizo and since I haven’t had my fix of chorizo yet, I had to order these.  If you love chorizo, these tacos will satisfy your chorizo craving for sure.





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