10 responses to “Restaurants Visited in “Eating Toronto”

  1. Thought you would like this Casylee…http://recipesorreservations.com/category/restaurant-reviews/.

    This blog also does restaurant reviews…go check it out for some ideas how to write them. You well note though they don’t post pictures..but at the end of the review they do post the address of the place and a website if the restaurant has one.

    I just found this now and thought of you. As I said it is to see if you can find yourself some ideas. But remember everyone who writes restaurant reviews has their own style. So just concentrate on developing yours and you will do GREAT! 🙂

    Looking forward to more reviews from; Eating Toronto.

    Chef Randall

    • Hey, Randall. Wow this is awesome. I can use all the ideas I can get for this thing. Thank you so much. Always looking out for me, I really appreciate it! I’ve been a little busy lately, but I hope to be getting a few more reviews and recipes up soon! stay tuned! =)

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  3. Hey guys the link to Pure Spirits is still broken. Also I have info about your photos..that is how you can get Bing to index them in there Images at Bing..people will be able to see them in the search engine and you can get more readers. Just let me know.


    • Again, I’m sorry about the pure spirits post; I will continue to look into it. I have been away therefore I haven’t been blogging much either, sorry! Hmm the Bing photo thing sounds interesting, can you give me a little more detail? thanks a bunch!

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